Public People

Thanks to my experience with territorial units and communities as a legally qualified person and lawyer, I offer public legal bodies a unique annual subscription. My skills, creativity and expertise are available for their services for local authorities and partnership with public actors. As a true partner of decision-makers, I am a project-focused individual that prioritizes finding the perfect match for your teams.

Yearly Subscription

12 months

From €1.000

Support in the form of credit of hours.


Legal formalities, structure, and questions should not act as a stumbling block for entrepreneurs or replace the focus of their project. I propose a complete pack that will accompany you in your projects and make them come to life.

First Steps

From €1.000

Choose structure adapted to your project : Draft bylaws and completion of administrative formalities.

Legal Availability

3, 6 or 12 months

From €1.000

Support in the form of credit of hours.


Our fee policy is based on the principles of transparency and moderation. Fees are calculated according to the time spent processing the cases that are entrusted to us. In addition, intervention packages may be provided, depending on a case’s specifications. The firm also offers subscription agreements in the form of hour credits.